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What does SEO stand for?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of “optimizing” both the on-page and off-page ranking factors of a website in order to achieve high search engine rankings for targeted search keywords a means of increasing relevant traffic to a website.

In the web world today, an SEO strategy has become particularly important in order to increase traffic which results in growth of your business. SEO Strategy has several benefits like it ensures high Return On Investment ( ROI), long term brand and product positioning, increase brand visibility, targeting specific traffic to your website, most cost effective source of marketing your sites, increase accessibility resulting in pleasant user experience and higher sales. Buyer Beware! This is a long term strategy and needs constant scrutiny to understand how to best tweak variables.

Social Media Marketing

Connect and reach your customers socially, be found on social platforms. Nowadays people are more active on towards social platform. Most of their decisions get influenced by the content broadcasted by their friends and circles at Social platforms. A business can attend their customers at social media while they interact with their friends. We not only use the time tested method of buying keywords, but also use our reach out program to identify, engage social influencers to tap and exploit into their network.


PPC Management

Marketing deadlines are close? No time for long term SEO or SMM? The best option then is to go with PPC. PPC instantly boost your sales engine and gets enabled in no time. PPC delivers great results for short term and needs no long term planning and execution. Businesses prefer PPC on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, based on their customer base and target audience.

I am in! How do we go about this?

Budget & Objective

Freeze budget and objective that Objective is to get only traffic or leads or combination of both.

Plan Project

Plan your strategy, select right keywords, free on-Page, Off page, social and referral activities.

Monitor KPI

Keep monitoring for desired KPI’s, Good Analytic, Reports and document available institutional data.

Re-evaluate Strategy

Use time based reports to re-evaluate marketing strategy. Introduce appropriate activities as and when needed.

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